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Notre savoir-faire: les Marmottes penseuses

The true taste of nature

Rather than add flavourings that detract from the real taste, we prefer to select the most fragrant plants that nature has to offer. We let nature tell its own story at its own pace. Our ecological approach means that we can guarantee an authentic product that is rich in flavour.

A meticulous selection before and after the harvest

We travel the world discovering plants. We choose them based on the best geographical location. We allow them to grow in their original habitat and respect the natural seasons of their growth.

Once harvested, we only use the best parts of the plant to ensure that our infusions are rich in taste and benefits. With fennel, for example, we do not use the stems or leaves, as they would add only weight; we only use the grain!

Handpicked and trusted producers,

We work with small-scale, carefully-selected producers whose expertise and approach to cultivation we have approved. They work to strict specifications to ensure sustainable growth

A very French savoir-faire that dates back to 1976

Our production is entirely carried out in our factory in Bons-en-Chablais (Haute-Savoie). From the moment they arrive in the quarantine chamber to the moment they are put into tea bags, our plants are finely chopped, sieved, sanitized and blended by a devoted team. Our packaging lines are set up in a sanitized space called the white room. We also take care of the packing and dispatch.

Unique packaging: simplicity

To keep things simple and ecological, our teabags take the form of a single chamber square, which reduces the amount of paper used. There is no label or string, which reduces the ecological impact of our products.
The micro-perforated filter bag, and the fact that the plants are so finely chopped, enable optimimal infusion. This process allows for maximum taste, while reducing the infusion time.
The teabags are individually wrapped in an airtight envelope, made from wafer thin paper, to guarantee freshness. This envelope is then coated with a non-chlorinated biodegradeable film, which protects it from humidity and keeps it airtight to prevent the essential oils from evaporating.

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