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Our history

Our history: once upon a time, there were 2 marmots


This young, astute and sure-footed adventurer, one day stumbled upon a gem of a herbal tea in a small family business in Haute Savoie. Its name? "Infusion des Marmottes "…
For Jean Marc Stezycki, a man whose energy is surpassed only by his love of nature, this discovery marked the blossoming of a great passion.
His is a passion for plants in their purest state: the fine, the tough, the aromatic, the subtle, the fragile, the mysterious and the wonderfully beneficent. He sees these plants as a gift of Mother Nature, offering up all the goodness of the Earth. It’s a passion he dreamed of sharing…


When Jean Marc met Josiane, a seasoned botanist immersed in her flora and her herbarium, it was a perfect match.
For Josiane has a gift: her palate! When she studies a plant, she uncovers its soul. Her nose is sharp and her taste buds are infallible, that’s how she gets to the heart of the matter. She cherishes each blade, each flower, each leaf and in return, the plants all share their secrets with her.
And she’s an artist. In this world of infinite possibilities, Josiane roams and explores. Each time she inspires… she finds new inspiration. She spends her days creating and composing a multitude of blends - some delicate, some impetuous, all of them beneficent.


From a joint passion is born a mission

There was no time to hibernate! Our 2 marmots married their talents and their energy. From this union was born a mission, devised on the basis of their joint passion for plants:

To Require
pureness without compromise. To ban the artificial!

To Protect
the heart of their selected plants, by respecting the land they grow on. That’s how they get the very best ingredients.

To Create
teas and infusions according to a firm ground rule: excellence, made unforgettable

These 2 marmots know their hearts and they keep their promises! In an atmosphere of joy coupled with rigor, they work to regale us with teas and infusions that do wonders for our minds as well as our bodies, by offering us the very best: pure nature.

Based on this mission, a company has been built

Our 2 marmots have been beavering away for many years now, without ever running out of steam. Today, they’re assisted by a large team of seasoned experts, all busy working to fulfil the same inspiring mission.
At Bons-en-Chablais in Haute-Savoie (France), the burrows have been expanding and filling up with machines. But make no mistake, our marmots have not been overwhelmed by technology. They’ve been smart enough to tame it and bend it to their will, so that it serves their gems, the plants, without spoiling them.

And where do they come from, these wondrous plants? Aha, that’s a marmot’s secret! What you should know is that each and every one is picked from the land where it grows most contentedly. Each producer participates in the adventure, with the exact same exigency and the exact same love of nature, which remains the number one priority.

Grison is happy, as he travels the world on his eternal treasure hunt. Yodie is happy, because her Grison comes home with his bag filled with the finest plants, each one an inspiration to her. And so she composes and she blends.

All together, the team creates pure moments of happiness, enclosed in these perfect little teabags!



The company ‘Les 2 Marmottes’ is founded in Haute Savoie. A gem among herbal teas is born - the « Infusion des Marmottes »


Jean-Marc Stezycki (JMS) joins the family business as Head of Sales


JMS becomes CEO of the company


The company moves to Bons-en-Chablais. The first conditioning machine is purchased.


The company moves to Bons-en-Chablais. The first conditioning machine is purchased.


A 5000m2 manufacturing plant is inaugurated.

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