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Nature has all we need, so why look elsewhere? Discover our infusions and you may be surprised by the real taste of nature and the subtlety of our blends. Relaxing, stimulating, surprising… you are bound to find the infusion to suit your taste!

  • Thym


    A force of nature to be reckoned with!
  • Infusion des marmottes

    Infusion des marmottes

    Enjoy that relaxing marmot feeling!
  • digest

    Pure digest

    End a gourmet meal with a splash of lightness.
  • Pure & svelte

    Pure & svelte

    No need to reflect…your mirror will display a vision of slenderness!
  • Détox et Vous

    Détox et Vous

    Le curcuma contribue aux fonctions du foie et de la vésicule biliaire. Parole de Marmottes !

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  • Fennel


    Let this one make a meal of your gourmet excesses!
  • Pure winter brew

    Pure winter brew

    Elected official brew to keep the chills at bay.
  • Verbena


    A touch of gentleness in a world of "Brutus".
  • Mint Linden Verbena

    Mint Linden Verbena

    A sensory balancing act that will put your palate through its paces.
  • Pure detox

    Pure detox

    For a thorough Spring clean, just add hot water and guzzle!
  • Diuretic Infusion

    Diuretic Infusion

    Let it flow through whatever it has to flow.
  • agrumes

    Citrus fusion

    A cocktail of refreshing fruits to positively shake up your taste buds! Serve hot or ice-cold.
  • Fruity delight

    Fruity delight

    Go crazy as a fruitcake and serve this one chilled!
  • Pure boost

    Pure boost

    Switch on the turbo and soar through the season, trouble free.
  • Vin chaud

    Mulled wine mix

    It’s the hottest après-ski concoction!
  • Chamomile matricaria

    Chamomile matricaria

    The sweetest of flowers to take to bed.
  • Apple, cinnamon

    Apple, cinnamon

    It tempted Eve, it inspired Newton…now the apple meets feisty cinnamon !
  • Red grapevine

    Red grapevine

    The root of well-being.
  • Rosehip & Hibiscus

    Rosehip & Hibiscus

    A match of contrasts that will result in a serious boost!
  • Rosemary


    When the party ends, this one will be your new best friend.
  • Cocktail transit

    Cocktail transit

    For those who like to travel light!
  • Meadowsweet


    She’ll bring peace and tranquillity to your inner kingdom.
  • Antirouille


    To ignite the youth inside!
  • Linden


    Your first-class return ticket to calmer shores. Bon voyage!
  • yodie

    Yodie, the infusion for children

    A sip of serenity to win over children and parents alike.
  • Diuretic Infusion

    Diuretic Infusion

    Let it flow through whatever it has to flow.
  • Diuretic Infusion

    Diuretic Infusion

    Let it flow through whatever it has to flow.
  • Citronnelle et Citron Lui

    Citronnelle et Citron Lui

    Et pour la beauté du zeste... un petit kiss à la réglisse.
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