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How it tickles our whiskers

In Greek, Thymus means to perfume. Our plant friend of the same name has taken this meaning to heart. He’s not one for discretion! Wherever he goes he asserts his scented presence, with a note of camphor to highlight his explosive nature. With such a strong personality, there are no half-measures, you either love him or hate him!

Its origins

With such an emphatic personality, it’s no surprise that Thyme has a wild streak. You’ll find him, footloose and fancy-free, spreading his scent across the dry and rocky hills of the Mediterranean region. He’s a tough one, not afraid to take the heat, in fact he positively seeks it out. Sunshine is his ally.

A bunch of virtues

Thyme is a genuine and capable friend, always there to help:

  • tell him your worries, he’ll chase them away
  • seek out his company often and you’ll find yourself feeling boosted, in body and soul
  • his natural strength will clear your airways
  • his explosive nature will send all those chilling winter enemies packing
There’s no beating around the bush, Thyme is the friend you’ve been waiting for, a superhero among plants!

You’ll find thyme in these colourful boxes

  • Pure winter brew

    Pure winter brew

    Elected official brew to keep the chills at bay.
  • Thym


    A force of nature to be reckoned with!
  • Pure nature
  • Produced in the French Alps
  • Produced Since 1976
  • Harvested in harmony with nature’s rhythms and seasons
  • Free delivery from €55 in France
  • Samples offered with every order
  • Rapid delivery within 2 working days
  • Need help? +33 450 17 08 08